The Hydrogen Group is an Orlando, Florida based corporation with the goals being to save money for the heavy-duty trucking industry; reduce emissions; increase energy sustainability; and reduce foreign oil dependence costs. The innovative, patent pending (15/225,287) technology produces Hydrogen on the Go™ which is a supplement to diesel fuel powered trucks and is generated as needed. It is a system and method of providing HHO gas effectively delivered to the engine while the truck is moving and is proven to significantly improve performance. It is also described as HHO on the Go.™ No fuel station infrastructure is needed. 

Transportation Research Center ( completed an independent Tests Report in late 2016. The six days of performance tests confirmed our R&D results that our invention reduces diesel fuel costs by more than 27%. It also reduces emissions by more than 25%, which lowers the carbon footprint. We estimate annual savings exceeding $15,000 for each of the millions of heavy-duty trucks.

The Hydrogen Group has invested $866,000 over 5 years of R&D; conducted more than 14,000 miles of beta tests; received the independent tests report from TRC; and retained the PIT Group to lead us to Market in 2018. 

The Hydrogen Group's strategy is to build its business in the automotive industry with the initial focus being on the heavy-duty trucking companies and truck/diesel engine manufacturers. 

Diesel Trucks, Buses & Engines

Cars & Light Trucks

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