The Hydrogen Group's Development Plan

The Hydrogen Group's
 patent pending invention is like no comparable product on the market and has received independent tests results confirming our successful beta tests. The unique technology produces Hydrogen on the Go™ which is a supplement to diesel fuel powered trucks and is generated as needed. It is a system and method of providing HHO gas effectively delivered to the engine while the truck is moving and is proven to significantly improve performance. It is also described as HHO on the Go™. No fuel station infrastructure is needed. The Company has been proceeding from prototype to pre-production design and simultaneously meeting with strategic alliance candidates during recent months. The goal is to identify the most likely partnering relationships with those who will have the professional expertise and capital to help fully develop the business for the benefit of many. There are two 

distinct markets for our revolutionary invention. First is the After-market with more than 13 million diesel, heavy-duty trucks that haul 70% of the freight in the USA. Second is the Manufacturers of heavy-duty diesel engines and trucks. Our process will lead to the national marketing, assembly, installation and service of our unique invention for the millions of diesel trucks in the USA. 

The Hydrogen Group Revenues and EBITDA are estimated to grow more than ten-fold from year one to year three. Additional information may be requested by contacting the Company directly.

The Hydrogen Group
is classified as a QSB (Qualified Small Business) by Internal Revenue Code definition. Investors will have the opportunity to benefit from up to three types of preferential tax treatment.

The Hydrogen Group
is committed to its mission of the continuing pursuit of excellence in serving our customers, our suppliers, our team members and our shareholders. The Company’s goals are; 1) to make a difference by saving money and improving the environment; 2) to provide a superior return on investment for its shareholders. 

Information, estimates, projections, forecasts and assumptions contained in this web site have been assembled by the management of The Hydrogen Group. While reasonable effort has been made to assure the accuracy of the information contained in this web site, the reader should realize that the information and projections contained herein are based upon assumptions about the business, the industry and the economy. Any changes in the business of The Hydrogen Group, the state of the automotive industry and the economy, in general, could have an impact on the information and disclosures contained herein and the impact could be material. en 

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